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Patons - Classic Wool

Fiber Content Skein Size Yards/Meters per Skein
100% Merin0 blend 3.5 ounces/200 gram 233 yards/204 meters
Yarn Weight Needle Size Stitch Gauge Row Gauge
Worsted US size 7 20 sts = 4 inch/10cm none given

Kim Goddard none given none given none given
This just happens to be my fave yarn! Just chuck the socks in the washing machine in COLD water (I was my jeans in cold anyway) and lay them flat to dry. It wears like iron - my sock-killer sister has only recently managed to wear through the heel of her four year old pair. (She goes through commercial socks in a month). I add a strand of woolly nylon at toe and heel for strength.
Linda Shoup none given 6 sts = 1 inch none given
Like clouds for your feet. Very little if any pilling. So far wearing very well. I'd make a hundred pairs if I could. They wash up great (cold water soak, dry flat or on the line). They felt on the sole ever so slightly after wearing a few times.  Extremely comfy! Good yardage on the ball, though I can't remember exact figures. I highly recommend this yarn for socks, or anything else where you want to feel like you're being hugged while you wear it. Use a smaller needle than usual for making socks.