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Skacel Imports - Trekking

Fiber Content Skein Size Yards/Meters per Skein
75% superwash wool/25% nylon 50 grams 230 yards
Yarn Weight Needle Size Stitch Gauge Row Gauge
Fingering/sock US Size 3 7 sts = 1 inch none given

Nanette Blanchard US Size 1 9 sts = 1 inch none given
I've lost the ball bands for this yarn (sorry I can't include more information) but it seems it only comes in multicolors and is quite durable. I've noticed some slight pilling on one Trekking sock but nothing terrible and the colors are just terrific. This yarn is a bit hard to find though. Update: I finally found the ball band info for Trekking! I'm almost finished with Lucy Neatby's Travelling Socks using it and it is quite nice and durable. Not as soft as other sock yarns but the variegated colors are great and I have the feeling these socks will last a long, long time.
Chrisanne G US Size 0 7 sts = 1 inch none given
This is nice yarn, great colors, a bit thinner than Blauband or Wildfoote. It's more expensive than Wildfoote, and cheaper than Blauband, doesn't get as soft as either of them, but colors make it worth while. BUT, you definitely need to put vinegar in when you wash the bright colors! These were still 'bleeding' into the water during their 4th washing! Eventually it stopped, and I'd knit with this yarn again--but definitely be aware of the washing caveat.