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Brown Sheep - Wildfoote

Fiber Content Skein Size Yards/Meters per Skein
75% washable wool/25% nylon 1.75 ounce/50 grams 215 yards/197meters
Yarn Weight Needle Size Stitch Gauge Row Gauge
Fingering/Sock US size 1-2 7 stitches = 1 inch none given

Kari in upstate NY none given none given none given
I wasn't very happy with this yarn. I made the St. Peter Port Stripes from Folk Socks with Wildfoote Plain Vanilla, Black Orchid and Licorice Stick and yarn split a lot. And it just wasn't as nice to knit with as the Kroy. I machine wash and dry these socks, and they seem to be holding up well. I haven't used this yarn in about a year, though, and still have enough left over to make another pair, so maybe I'll give it another chance. I'll keep you posted.
A. Williams none given none given none given
DMum's favourite socks are made from Wildfoote. I had no trouble with splitting, but the yarn twisted terribly. I tried everything, taking it from the outside, from the inside, re-winding it, and it still twisted. But she loves them, and I am sure I will make her more.
Chrisanne G. US size 0 7 sts = 1 inch none given
It does split, and some colors do twist--but definitely worth the effort!  Washes beautifully, gets beautifully soft, doesn't show wear, very easy to find, and reasonably priced. I love to use this with Blauband for color work; and it makes quite luxurious basic socks, too!  Some colors are softer than others initially, by the way, but soften in washing nicely.
Nanette Blanchard none given none given none given
I find Wildfoote to be a reasonable priced yarn and the socks I've made with it have worn extremely well. Unfortunately it is quite loosely spun so I avoid the tweeds and just use the solid colors. Even still, it isn't my favorite yarn due to the splitting.
Leitha Trefen US size 1 8 sts = 1 inch 12 rnds = 1 inch
I was not impressed with the looks or feel of the finished product, nor did I particularly enjoy working with the yarn, but the recipient LOVES the socks, says they feel like silk on his feet and mold perfectly to the
shape of his feet. So of course I'll be making  more socks from this yarn.