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DYOS 2003


DYOS 2003 Rules
(Design Your Own Socks!)

Please join us by sharing your original sock design with the socknitting community!

* The pattern must be your original design that you are willing to share with our socknitting community.

* We need a picture - but don't panic! You do not need to have a digital camera. You can send Mary a regular photograph to scan, you can use a scanner, or you can even send Mary the sock itself, and she'll
take a picture (enclose a SASE for her to send it back to you).

* Give credit where credit is due - if you're using a stitch pattern from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries, for instance, just note that the pattern is (I'm making this up - don't go looking for it) the crossed knees pattern, page 214 in Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Or if you started making another sock you found on the web, and then substituted a different stitch pattern, mention the one you used as your base. Note: a simple change of color does not count as a new design.

* You retain ownership and copyright to your pattern and you are granting Socknitters permission to display it for you.

* * * * * * * * *

If you're worried about whether or not your design qualifies as original, ask the whole list or (if you're shy) contact us and we'll tell you what we think. Please do feel free to chat about your design on the Socknitters list...this way we can all learn!

We know a lot of you have patterns out there already - feel free to send them in, also to Mary will start posting /announcing them as they're received. We anticipate concluding this DYOS project some time in January of 2004. (sooner than it sounds!).

If you would like a link to your web site with your pattern, please include that information when you send your pattern.


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