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DYOS 2003

DYOS Patterns
(Design Your Own Socks)

These are all original patterns created by our very own Socknitter members.
Feel free to use them, but please remember to ask for permission from the author
before posting to your web site or reprinting in any fashion.

American Girl Doll Socks by Judy Gibson - Socks for a special little one in your life. With photo

Arlene's DK Weight Socks by Arlene Williams - "Plain Jane" socks for women with chunky legs. 

Basic Cable Socks By Kristin Torgerson - Knit for a medium to wide foot and leg. Sport weight

Cable Check Socks by Karen (Wren) Hoyle - Great looking, unique, cabled socks. With photo

Candy Cane Socks by Mary-Alice McCarthy - Cute socks for Christmas or anytime. With photo

Christopher's Super Huge Boot Socks by Anita - make these "working" socks for your son.

Deb's Almost Easy Toe Up Sock by Deb Wunder - a sock as great as it's name.

How to Make Socks With Any Weight Yarn by Nancy McMullen - create your own pattern

Judy's Infant Socks by Judy Ellis - Adorable socks for newborn. With photo

Jeanne's Cable-Spiral Socks by Jeanne Mitchell - Socks with no heel. With photo

NEW! Jewel Boxes by Sue Lighthill. With photo

Kris's Homespun Socks by Kris Sudduth - Fair Isle socks in two colors. With photo

Liberty Socks  by Linda Walsh - designed specifically for Lorna's Laces Liberty Yarn. With photo

Maggie's Pink Socks by Maggie Dicey - Great looking textured socks. With photo

My Basic Socks by Kit Zerbe - Very nice, yet easy to make, variegated socks. With photo

Myra's Socks by Megan Humphrey - Socks for your favorite Teddy Bear. With photo

My Wee Blue Sock by Diane Hare - As the name says. Photo coming.

Nancy's Basic Socks by Nancy Newkirk - You just can't go wrong with this basic pattern. With photo

Nicholas' Swirly Tube Socks by Lisa Santoni Cromar - Children's toe-up socks. With photo

One-ball Picot Hemmed Socks for Children by Linda Nelson - The name says it all. With photo

Preemie Tube Socks by Linda Boudreau - Tiny tube socks for tiny babies. With photo

Not For Skinny Legs Socks by Sande Francis - Wide legged socks for wide legged people.

ROY G. BIV Socks by Margot Hayes - Socks in colors of the rainbow.

Sandy's Openwork Cuff Variation by Sandy Miner - To use with basic sock pattern. With photo

Sari's Aran Socks by Rita Williams - With cables and a simple diamond pattern. With photo

Socknitters Mini-Sock by Linda Nelson - One example of our Socknitters symbol. With photo

Stout and Short WoolEase Socks by Dawn Adcock - Men's socks for short wide feet. With photo

Two Color Newborn Socks by Dawn Adcock - Precious blue and white baby socks. With photo

Garter Bar Slip Stitch Socks by Karen Hoyle - 2-color socks made with a different technique. With photo

Barbie's Micro-Mini Socks by Jacqueline Vogel - you just have to see them to believe them! With photo

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