Nancy's Basic Sock
By Nancy Newkirk

The # of sts I cast on depends upon the size I figure I need for whatever person.
It also depends upon the size of the yarn, i.e. f ingering, sport, or worsted.
I mentally # my needles.  The needles make a triangle with the flat
part at the top.

I usually cast on 40 or 48 with fingering yarn, #2 needle for very small children.
More for adults.  56, 64, 72

I like best to use double strands of fingering which is like a sport weight,
and I like to use, Socka, Regia, Kroy,  (fingering size singularly,
or something like that in weight  double strand. (I strand from each skein)
So I will try to tell you about socks.
The basic idea can be adopted for any socks.

Keep in mind 3 needles.   #1 and #3 = #2 in the amount of sts.
[There are some exceptions such as 28 divided by 2 = 16 sts and 12 sts
      when doing ribbing.  Change to 14 sts and 14 sts after turning the heel]

So lets say you cast on 48 sts  (12-24-12) (amt of sts on needles)
I rib for 6-8"   k2 p2 ribbing.

Then I join needles #3 and #1 (12 + 12 =24 sts)
Hold the 24 sts on needle #2.
Now you will only be using the 24 sts from #3 and #1
On these (24) sts I do --
row 1:  k1 sl across the row, turn
row 2:  k1 purl across row, k the last st., turn
row  3: k 2 sl 1  k 1 sl 1 , ending with a k st., turn
row 4: k 1 purl across row, k the last st.
continue in like manner until you have knit the heel flap to
the desired length.  (depends upon size of person, 2"  - 3")
(1.5 " for a small child)
End with a knit row, turn
k 1 purl across row to to 1//2 the sts + 2 (12 + 2 =14)
         ( you will have 10 sts left on the needle (keep them there)
     p 2 tog, p 1 (leaves 7 sts on needle) turn.
sl 1 k 6 k 2 tog k 1 turn    (You will be knitting  on the middle sts)
s 1 p  across row until you see the space between the two sts.
       p 2 tog (1 from the middle 1 from needle ) p 1 turn
Continue in like manner until you end on a knit row
      (you have used up all the extra sts.)
Remember to k the last st  at the  SIDE of the heel flap
You will probably have about 14 sts all together.
  Split  these sts on to needle #1 and #3  probably 7 on each needle.

Pick up the sts on the edge of the heel flap.
         I usually do this with a #1 needle.
These sts on the edge of the heel flap are like a small bump
         at the edge (your always knit edge sts.)
Then knit the picked up sts to the end of needle #1
          You will have more than 12. sts
           actually it will be the 7 plus picked up sts.

Knit needle #2 (24 sts) continuing in the rib k2p2 on this needle only.
            (until you decrease for the toe).
Pick up the edge sts for needle #3  then knit them joining with the
          other 7 sts.
You should now be back to 3 needles.

* row 1:  #1 knit to within 3 sts of the end of #1 , k 2 tog k 1
                 #2 knit k1 p 1 across needle #2
                 #3 k l k 2 tog k to end of #3
    row 2:    Knit the next round, keeping the ribbing on #2*
Repeat these  2 rounds until you have 12 sts each on #1 and #3
          #1 & #3 will now total 24 sts.
This makes the gusset between the heel flap and the rest of the sock.

When the sock measures  7", 8", or whatever the length of your foot
        from the back of the heel, to the beginning of the toes.
Then knit all rounds from here on.
round 1:   #2: k 1 k 2 tog knit to within 3 sts of the end, k 2 tog, k 1
                   #3: k 1 k 2 tog knit to end of needle
                   #1: knit to within 3 sts of the end, k 2 tog k 1
round 2:   knit the round
Repeat these 2 rounds until you have 7-14-7 sts on needles.
At this point I  repeat round 1 only, decreasing on every round
          until 4-8-4 sts remain.  Join #3 and #1

At this point leave a long tag, at least 18 inches.
Graft the sts using the kitchener sts.
See mini lesson on socknitters pages,

These pages give detailed photos on how to do this sts., or,
if you live near a LYS, perhaps that person could help you.
Nancy along the Columbia River, Washington State

Copyright: Nancy Newkirk February 8, 2000

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