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All the socks on this page were made by Socknitters members for the Design Your Own Sock project.

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For more information: mary@socknitters.com

akitsox1.jpg (72613 bytes)
These kewl looking socks were knitted by designer Kit Zerbe

For an easy to make, but great looking sock, try

Kit's Basic Socks

Copy (2) of acablesox.jpg (68145 bytes)
These terrific looking socks were knitted by designer Karen Holyce

For an easy to make but great looking hiking sock, try these

Cable Check Socks

ajudisox.jpg (50521 bytes)
These beautiful little socks were knitted by designer
 Judy Ellis. 
Do you need a one of a kind baby gift sure to be treasured for years to come?
Judy's Infant Socks

aopencuff.jpg (76383 bytes)
This is proofknitter Mary Becker's version of
Sandy Miner's pattern.

Try this openwork cuff variation with your favorite sock pattern.
Sandy's Openwork Cuff Variation

aws.jpg (83177 bytes)
These cute socks for children were knitted by
designer Lisa Santoni Cromar.

Make these for all your little sweethearts.
Nicholas' Swirly Tube Socks
asarisox.jpg (53452 bytes)
These Aran socks were knitted by designer Rita Williams

For a simple-to-knit and great looking Aran, this is the pattern to try.
Sari's Aran Socks

Copy of apremtube.jpg (37295 bytes)
These tiny socks were knitted by designer Linda Boudreau

For a quick to make sock for a preemie, try

Preemie Tube Socks

These socks were knitted by designer Maggie Dicey.

 Click here to find the pattern for these great looking and easy to make socks.

Maggie's Pink Socks

abluebaby.jpg (73261 bytes)
These adorable socks were knitted by designer  Dawn Adcock

What new mother could resist these tiny blue and white socks? Make one pair in each color combo.
Two Color Newborn Socks
apicot.jpg (90304 bytes)
These kids' socks were knitted by designer Linda Nelson

For a ribless, simple to make sock, try
Picot Hemmed Socks for Children

aagsox.jpg (63387 bytes)
These adorable American Girl Doll socks were knitted
by designer, Judy Gibson.

For a special treat for that special someone...
American Girl Doll Socks

alisasox1.jpg (81974 bytes)
These great looking socks were knitted by designer Kris Sudduth.

Ready to try some two-color work? This is the place to start.

Kris's Homespun Socks

apurptube1.jpg (75260 bytes)
These Cable-Spiral socks were knitted by designer
 Jeanne Mitchell

The photo on the left shows the entire sock, The one on the right is a close up of the pattern detail on the cuff.
Jeanne's Cable-Spiral Socks
Copy of aminisox.jpg (98090 bytes)
Here are some examples of our Socknitters symbol. The ones on the left were knitted by designer Linda Nelson, while the one on the right was knitted by proofknitter  Marylou Polisher.

Show your Socknitter pride and wear our official symbol.
Socknitters Mini-Sock

amyrasox.jpg (61795 bytes)
Myra's socks were knitted by designer (and Myra's owner) Megan Humphrey

Knit these adorable socks for your Teddy (or Myra) bear. 
Myra's Socks

Photo coming soon!

Here is another example of a sock that could be used for our Socknitter symbol.This one created by Diane Hare.
My Wee Blue Sock

Photo coming soon!

Do you know a hard working man who needs some hard working socks? Give this toe-up 
version a try.

Christopher's Super Huge Boot Socks

Photo coming soon!

In the words of the designer these are "Plain Jane no frills ladies' socks...."

Arlene's DK Weight Socks 
wpe1.jpg (9455 bytes)
Designer Dawn Adcock knitted these great looking socks

Know someone with short stout feet? Try these...
Stout and Short WE Socks

nfsl sock.jpg (95016 bytes)
Knitted by Sande Francis

Do you have wider than average legs? If so, this pattern could be just what you're looking for.

Sande's Not For
Skinny Legs Socks

Photo coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to make your own pattern but weren't sure how to go about it? Here's a formula for creating your own pattern from any yarn.

How to Make Socks With Any Weight Yarn

 Copy of cndycane.jpg (20490 bytes)
Knitted by Mary-Alice McCarthy

Make these great looking socks for Christmas or maybe in other colors for fun footwear anytime.

Candy Cane Socks

Copy of nancynsocks.jpg (46723 bytes) 
Knitted by Nancy Newkirk

Use this basic sock pattern for easy to make, terrific looking, socks for any member of the family.
Nancy's Basic Socks

Photo coming soon!

For socknitting fun try these nifty socks in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Roy G. BIV socks

wpe2.jpg (34190 bytes)
Wren knitted these wonderful slip stitch socks
For another way to do two-color work, try making these"
Garter Bar Slip Stitch Socks
barbie feet.jpg (44217 bytes)
These incredible teeny socks were knitted by Jaqueline

This pattern, according to the designer, is not for the fainthearted. But if your Barbie has cold feet, you might want to make her these socks.
Barbie's Micro-Mini Socks

Libertysocks.jpg (10464 bytes)
Linda Walsh designed and knitted this wonderful socks

Designed specifically for LL's new Liberty Yarn
Liberty Socks