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Summer of Socks 2006


Yes, everyone, it's that time again. A new challenge to get you up and
clicking your needles.

This is the time of year when I envy our Australian friends, just drifting
into winter. It's going way up in the 90s here (that would be mid-30s
Celsius, for all of you outside the U.S.) with enough humidity to curl just
about anyone's hair. Breathing is a challenge; some days even I find it hard
to knit (now, that's some serious heat!)

But let's keep thinking of what next winter is going to be like for the CIC
kids. In their honor, Jill and I are proposing a summer sock challenge. I
was timid; she was bold. So what the heck - we hereby challenge all of you
wonderful CIC knitters (we're knitting too) to produce 300 pairs of CIC
socks by July 31, 2006. That's a Monday, and as long as your socks are
postmarked by that date, they'll count. There are 560 members of this list
now, so we should be able to blast right past that number. Especially if I
cc this note to Socknitters. . .

It's a chance to use up scraps, try a cable, learn a new heel or toe. . . or
just veg out and knit your standard pattern over and over.


1. Make sizes to fit children up to about age 5 (that would be no more than
6 inches from heel to toe).

2. Socks should have as much wool content as possible, with a bare minimum
of 50%. Try for more. Do not worry about wool shrinking in the wash -
they'll be washed in cold water, and air dried. And, if something does go
awry and they shrink, they'll still fit somebody.

3. Use any pattern you like. I will provide a list of available patterns,
but that's just as a resource.

4. The kids wear socks indoors, without shoes, so thick (worsted or bulky
weight) is better - but if you can't stand knitting big thick socks, knit
thinner socks. Any socks are better than no socks.

5. Slippers count too.

6. Bright colors are great (they're little kids, after all) but if you just
have brown and gray - they're still warm. Go ahead!

7. Don't worry about "keeping up." If you just have time to knit two pairs,
that's two pairs of warm feet. Some people will knit astonishing numbers,
and that's pretty neat - but this is not a race or a competition. I'm
finding recently that my own good intentions get derailed before I reach the
number I'd intended, but the ones I finish are still warm.

8. If you think the sock you made looks pretty flimsy, or poorly knit,
you're probably right -- consider ripping it out and starting over. They're
real kids, with crummy lives, and deserve our best.

9. Feel free to enlist your friends, your family, your local yarn store. . .

10. When you've mailed your socks, send an email to the designated sock
counter (to be announced) telling her how many pairs. We'll keep a running
tally, as Marguerite did with the vests.

Any questions, ask me, or ask the list. The only stupid question is the one
you really needed the answer to but were too embarrassed to ask.

A list of patterns appropriate for these kids' socks is coming in about an

Ready, set, go!!

Elizabeth, down here in soggy PA



Here are some items made by Sascha in Australia




To see photos of just some of the 650 pairs of socks made for the 1999 CIC Challenge: CIC Photos



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