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Children in Common Challenge

2003 Results
(updated 11/4/03)

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Socknitters Mailing List has taken up the challenge of making 2000 pairs of socks for Children in Common to distribute to children living in orphanages in Russia and Lithuania.

You may make your socks from any weight yarn, but we have been requested to make them from wool or at least a mostly wool blend, for warmth and durability. The socks should be make in sizes to fit children from the age of four through teenagers. You can use any pattern, and as you can see in the photos, any color that you enjoy working with. It is our understanding that these children do not actually "own" a particular pair of socks or shoes, but share and wear what fits them at any given time. This means that even if the socks you make shrink when washed, rest assured they will still fit someone.

As the socks come in, we will post the names of the knitters and number of socks sent, along with any photos that come in as well. So get those needles going and lets make warm socks for children.


For More Info On CIC Challenge 2003:

Elizabeth Durand

Our Goal: 2000 pairs of warm socks by October 31, 2003

And you can send those socks to:

c/o Kathy Graziani

9124 Flamepool Way
Columbia, MD 21045




Here are some items made by Sascha in Australia




To see photos of just some of the 650 pairs of socks made for the 1999 CIC Challenge: CIC Photos


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