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Socknitters Mini-Sock Swap


Want a fun and quick project? Join in on the socknitters Mini Sock Swap! All you need is a little time and some left over sock yarn.

The "Rules": make as many mini-socks as you want, send them (along with a self-addressed stamped envelope or self-addressed envelope and International Reply Coupon) to our coordinator. Kris will return a mini-sock made by another socknitter to you.

You may make these little socks with any pattern, yarn, colors, etc. that you wish but they should probably stay within about one to five inches tall. You can choose a pattern from one of the links below or make up your own!

This is a continuous soon as 2 socknitters send in their mini-socks an exchange will be made.


To participate, contact Kris our swap coordinator by emailing her at

minisockswap at socknitters dot com

(please substitute the appropriate @'s and .'s in your email)

And what does a person do with all those minisocks? Click on the link below for:

Twenty-nine Uses for Minisocks!

Here are some great links with mini-sock patterns. There will be more added soon.

Socknitters DYOS Page
(six patterns available)


Jennifer's mini-sock recipe
(How to make a mini-sock using any weight yarn)

Mini-socks from Joyknits
(two little sock patterns)

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