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Winter Mini-Sock Swap

Our Winter Mini-Sock Swap (or WMSS for short) is winding down. The deadline for putting your socks in the mail was Wednesday, November 15, 2000. Soon after that, when we're sure all the socks are here and I can bring myself to part with the little cuties, I will start swapping them and sending them on to their new homes. 

To date we have received between 400 and 450 mini-socks and you can cast your eyes upon them by clicking on the link on the left. If you're wondering what to do with those socks when you get them, click on the right hand link.

The socks are arriving daily! Click on
the link below to see the photos.

Minisock Photo Page

And what does a person do with all those minisocks? Click on the link below for:

Twenty-nine Uses for Minisocks!

It's a little late for the WMSS, but for future socks, you might want to try some of these patterns. 

Socknitters DYOS Page
(six patterns available)

Mini-sock by Jackie E-S
(fantastic socknitting tutorial)

Soxie's mini-sock
(created especially for WMSS)

Caty's mini-sock
(red and white striped)

Vaire's mini-sock
(with contrasting heel and toe)

Mini-socks from Joyknits
(two little sock patterns)
Jennifer's mini-sock recipe
(How to make a mini-sock using any weight yarn)

We have sockies from 100 members so far. And those members (by state or country) are:

Alaska Canada Estonia Maine Missouri  N. Carolina Rhode Island
Linda  Barb Vaire Laurie Joy Cheryl Donna
Myler Violet Florida Joan Montana Debbie Pat
Arkansas Lynne Rebecca Maryland Barbara Tricia S. Dakota
Nancy Isabel Marilyn Maggie Diana N. Dakota Charlie
Australia Ann Mary Kathy N Hampshire Dee Texas
Sandrine Shirley


Massachusetts Kathy Ohio Karen
California Judy Georgia Ann New Jersey Pat Laney
Margaret Margot Amanda Dana Ruth Bobbie USA
Kathleen Colorado Michelle Nancy Marie Carol Arachne
Sharon Janet Kimberly Rose Mary Margaret Oregon Virginia
Danielle Paula Janet Michigan New Mexico Evelyn Janice
Nancy Vicki Idaho Jackie Linda Leitha Angelika
Catherine Janet Melanie Judy New York Pennsylvania Mary Lou
Sharon  Connecticut Illinois Shirlee Macy Joye Washington
Karen Mary Dawn Molly  Janet Becky Nancy
Jude Mary Alice Louisiana Kathy Anna Nancy Marti
Reba  England Jackie Minnesota Yvonne Felicia W. Virginia
Shawn Alison Louisiana Catherine New Zealand Cheryl Jane
Canada Lynn Robin Missouri Pauline Marlene Wyoming
Ruth Cecila Toni Jane
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