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Ship Support

Ship Support is a grassroots effort to provide "hugs from home," as the kids out there call them. We've sent 35,081 handmade gifts to the troops in the past 16 mos. It was never intended to be anything but a small effort to send a friend and those in her berthing area slippers. The project just took off!...Please take a look at the notes and photos on our website--there are links to both--at

Well, the way it took off made it clear that we'd hit on something that was making a difference, so we've kept at it. We dropped our discussion group in favor of annoucements only so we could all devote more time to "our kids" out there.

The handknit socks we've sent have been so well-received. We have a unit of special forces guys ( we've adopted, and they've asked for the socks. We just don't get enough for all of them, and these guys do things I couldn't conceive of doing in my worst nightmare. As you know, once you've worn handknit socks, nothing else will do. I have Catherine to blame for this addiction! LOL

A few of the knitting blogs have given us a little support, but with 5000 on your list, we could really make a difference for those kids--average age of our troops is 19--out there. If you need any more
info, please let me know.

Thanks for caring about our kids!


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