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Sock Swap | Christmas Stocking Swap

Sock Swap

The rules are simple. There is only one...if you get a pair of socks
you must make a pair of socks. What could be easier?

If you would like to participate in the sock swap, contact Linda and she will match you up with a partner. If you have any problem getting your socks made, be sure to let Linda and your sock swap partner know.

Where else can you make a new friend and get new socks at the same time?

Have Questions? Email Linda



Linda Walsh is the coordinator of the Christmas Stocking Swap, of the "by the chimney with care" variety. She will be making an announcement in the early summer in order to allow plenty of time for participants to get their names on the list.

This swap matches partners who make and exchange a single stocking. Ideally the stockings will be to their recipients by the end of November in order to allow time to display for the holiday.

There is only one rule and it is a simple one. If someone makes you a stocking you must make one for them. Pretty easy, eh? If something interferes with you following through just let your partner AND Linda know in plenty of time.

Jingle socks, jingle socks, jingle all the way.....

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