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And a Time To Knit Stockings
by Katherine Pence

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Fonnell from Washington State

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I'm on my second pair of socks from these patterns.  A few warnings for those just getting started. First we don't know what is meant by a Womens med size and the patterns are too small for my size 9 feet. The heel is also a problem in that if you need a deeper heel you must rework the instructions in the patterns. Replaceable
heels don't fit everyone with comfort but to keep those busy patterns going you would be best to see if you can
adjust the heel.  I found slipping the pattern page in a clear plastic cover and carrying it with me was very helpful, just remember to put it back in the book for the next sock, as directions are on both sides and often for the next months socks.

Carol G. from Florida

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I just looked through my new copy of And a Time to Knit Stockings by Katherine Pence. It's a very interesting book! Printed on high quality heavy duty card stock, the pages are assembled in a clever way so that each pattern may be removed as you use it....and easily replaced. The book is full of wonderful patterned and textured socks with very clear charts for working each one.

Here is a list of some of the sock patterns: fairisle, hearts and lace [this is quite the clever one], knee sock in Aran style, sock designed using a handweaving pattern, cotton lace long socks adapted from a pattern from her grandmother and mother, July 4th 'flag' socks knitted sideways, a watermelon sock OR a red checked tablecloth sock, mock argyles using a stranded technique, autumn leaves, Norwegian, train and track, gansey, Scandinavian Christmas socks and Santa stocking, mini bootees [for decoration] and regular bootees for baby.

All in all, quite a nice selection of socks for every month of the year! None of these are complex, and the charts are all quite clear as far as I can tell w/o actually trying them. She uses the same replaceable heel for
every sock...with an interesting double decrease [slip 2 as to knit, knit 1 and psso] which makes a simple diagonal line heel that looks great in the pictures. She advocates using waste yarn, knitting back over it, coming back and to do the heel last. I really like the way this decrease looks much better than the regular matching side decrease. The toe is done the same way.

I really like this collection. The emphasis is on design rather than technique so some basic knitting skills are needed.

Retail $14.95.

Marion Newport Biagi

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 I love this book, though I haven't yet knit even one of the patterns.  Katherine has put together a lovely book, so well-thought out and cleverly presented.  It is loose-leafed for easy transport or use in a noteboook.  The unique use of a bamboo skewer and rubber band to hold it together is so practical and artistic.  Finally, her sophisticated graphics tied into the months of year/time are so pleasing. Sometime I will get past this wonderful presentation and actually knit some socks!