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Entrelac and Seamless Bobbinless Argyle Socks - Video
by Nancie Wiseman
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 Jacqueline w. Vogel 

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Even though I can already do the entrelac technique, I decided to buy this video when I found I could not follow directions after a brain injury.  I was able to follow nancie through the video the knitting technique of entrelac.  it is a technique that comes from Finland.  she leads you through each section for two or three sections for your first half square then leaves you on your own.  when you join her again, you move on to the left slanting squares.  here, she shows you how to do the technique, and then you are on your own.  if you get lost, rewind and watch her do it again.  she goes through this with the right slanting squares and the last half triangle.  being an experienced socknitter and knitter, I just continue on to do the heel flap and gusset.  if you are a beginner, she does tell you in the beginning that you should have some experience with the knitting of socks.  so I would say that this is not a beginner video if you are not familiar with sock knitting.  but once you feel comfortable knitting with double points and the general sock construction, I think you will enjoy this video.  I did not try bobbinless argyle socks.  she includes with the video the written instructions for both techniques and heel and toe directions which are not demonstrated on the video.  I think it was worth the expense.  I will probably refer to it again for as long as I have difficulty following knitting directions.