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Folk Knitting in Estonia
by Nancy Bush

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Name: Tan Summers

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I had a chance to see Folk Knitting in Estonia at our guild's Spinning Saturday. Nancy Bush is a member and had a copy there. This book is every bit as good as her Folk Socks.  It is laid out in the same way with historical information, techniques section, and then patterns. 

The techniques are really intriguing. A number of the techniques were completely new to me, and others I had only seen because I have taken classes from Nancy. 

The patterns include gloves and mittens as well as socks.  As with Folk Socks, the patterns incorporate the techniques so that if you knit all the patterns you will pretty much have completed a course in Baltic knitting. In addition to color work there is a lacy sock and some really interesting cuffs.

Nancy Bush has come to really understand and love the people of this region, and hopes to help the rest of us appreciate their art. She is already planning another book on the knitting of this region.

You can order an autographed copy of the book through Nancy's shop, The Wooly West, in Salt Lake City. +1 (888) 487-WOOL  No affiliation, in fact I work at a rival shop ;)