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Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings
by Veronica Gainford

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Becky Temple

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This book is not for beginning sockers. There is a wonderful collection of parts of letters from the author sent to the publishers. In the last letter, the author was 90. There are patterns for many wonderful turn down cuffs. Lacy and textured, as well as multicolor. There are also a couple of graphs for diced hose [two color] and a graph for a tartan hose [intarsia is a must for this one].

There are no patterns for a full sock. The graphs for the pirie and shepherd's plaid stockings only take you through the calf shaping. On the plus side, this leaves you to do the heel of your choice. Wedge toes seem to be the toe of choice, but again, no set pattern so it's up to you.

She does give some very minor suggestions for knitting turnover top stockings. Nothing a beginner could use, mostly for people who are familiar with knee high socks, or designing their own socks. I think one could easily adapt the turnover top patterns onto an existing pattern for knee socks, without too much trouble. For the body of the stocking, the author does suggest that a simple version of ribbing is best [i.e. k5,p3 or something similar. There are directions for a links of love rib, though]

If you enjoy a good tool for designing kilthose, this book is for you. With a little ingenuity, even an intermediate knitter can produce these wonderful stockings. IMO they aren't just for men anymore:) The patterns are steeped in tradition, and are truly a feast for those who enjoy a challenge.

I think the book is worth the $12-$13 price.

Mary H. Back to top

This book does not have specific patterns for making kilt hose, but has the various elements, for the knitter to create original hose.  A good discussion on the various hose tops. A book to enjoy.