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Socks - A Spin Off Publication
Edited by Rita Buchanan and Deborah Robson

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Penny Pennington

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There are wonderful socks in this book from Spin Off publications.  Most of the patterns were written by spinners so each pattern includes a "wrap per inch" . . . but the publisher also includes a commercially available yarn that was used for a sample.  What I love about the socks in this book is that they are shown on real feet (not just laying on a display board or table) so one can see how the lace will look when it is on a foot!

To figure out wraps per inch of the yarn you plan to use, take any ruler (width does not matter) and wrap the yarn around the ruler without stretching.  Count the number of wraps in an inch.

Jacqueline w. Vogel

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I learned to design my own socks from this book.  I also learned how to cast on over two needles, and now I always have an elastic cast on edge for my socks. I have not made any of the socks from this book, but that is because I can design my own.  I do not spin, but the pictures of the socks were an inspiration to get me into designing my own socks.