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Socks. Socks. Socks.
edited by Elaine Rowley

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Dawn Adcock

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Inspiring and well done.  Even my non-knitting DH was impressed when he saw it. I enjoy seeing original patterns from "regular" (non-professional) knitters. There is also a good dose of helpful hints about basic sock knitting to get new socknitters off and running. I like the fact that it has patterns from simple to wild! There is something in this book for my every socknitting mood.  

Karen - from Edmonton

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I just purchased this book and love it!  So many patterns (70) and all marked with their own level of skill.  Great explanations, great photography, I highly recommend this book and will knit several pairs from it!

Ann Hoyle

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I LOVE this book!  There are some beautiful socks in here.  The directions are very clear and the pictures are wonderful.  I'm a beginner sock knitter and I was able to make a pair of socks quickly following the directions in this book.  It also gives very clear diagrams and detailed "basic" instructions in the front of the book, making some of the "knitting language" easier to understand.  A definite must have for anyone who wants to make socks!