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Beverly's Tips on Knitting (and washing) Cotton Socks

To help socks stay up...especially cotton the ribbing with a size or two smaller needles: use a twisted knitting into the back of the knit stitch...will prevent stretching; elastic thread is better threaded thru with a tapestry needle for several rows after finishing the sock; and there is spandex or lycra yarn which looks like very thin thread that is used in machine knitting to make pants so that you have the stretch that is currently fashionable. I have seen socks done with this yarn and they are stretchy and strong. The yarn is held along with the regular yarn. It comes on small cones and can be bought from Helen Griffith whose business is named Engusa and is located at 2408 North Shores Pl., Ontario, CA 91761.Cost is about $7.50 a cone. This yarn is lycra.

Also when knitting with cotton...cotton tends to lengthen as it is worn. When washed it gets shorter and wider. So make a paper template...draw on newspaper before wearing or washing and keep this to adjust back to size after wash or wear. I have cotton socks which I made in a lacy pattern without rib....that I have worn for three summers and they are still going strong. I pull them into shape after soaking in washing machine in 90 degree water in soapy water then spin water out, same for agitation....then pull to shape and let dry.