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What Mara Discovered on Needle Sizes

I bought some U.S. sized needles for a project I was doing (my other pair of the same size being in use) and imagine my surprise when the two sets of needles were not the same, even though they said they were the same size. I sent a nice note on inquiry to both companies and both sent back (after a few weeks) similar answers. It seems that as long as they don't make an exact claim to size, i.e. a measurement, on their packages, they are not obliged to use a standard measurement. However if they put some sort of measurement on their packages, they are held to a very strict set of laws in the States (and they mentioned in almost all other countries). The solution - use metric sizing as your guidelines and think of the number sizing to be about as accurate as clothing sizes in the stores! May all your knitting bring you joy! Mara