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Annabelle's Entrelac Socks
Instructor: Annabelle Dawson

Socknitters lost a good friend, and great teacher, with the passing of Annabelle Dawson, January, 2002.


Here are a few thoughts to prepare you for entrelac socks.

These socks are as unlike other EL (entrelac) socks as I could make them.

The leg of the sock is in EL st, minus beginning and ending triangles. The problem is fit, because there is very little stretch, so they are shaped to fit the leg, wider at the top and tapering to the ankle. It looks a little strange, but it works. The ankle portion is 1x1 rib for proper fit and the rest of the sock is worked conventionally, with no further EL as this would be uncomfortable.

You will need 150 gms of 3 ply fingering, in as many different colours as you desire. I used 3.  Also a set of 2 or 2.5 mm needles. Gauge is 36 sts= 4 inches [10 cm]. You must achieve this gauge for proper fit. This was deliberate on my part, not only for wearabilty, bit to keep the leg in place.

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