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Annabelle's Entrelac Socks
Instructor: Annabelle Dawson

Lesson Two - Rectangles

1. We are now starting on the next round of recs (rectangles). (yellow in photo). In el, 1 row of recs leans to the left and 1 to the right. The right-leaning one must be started on the wrong side.

2. An explanation of the join I use is in order here. One of the less than great things about el is the tendency of colours to “bleed”. The join I use diminishes and sometimes eliminates this altogether.

3.   Try starting every round at a different place each time, in order to avoid a bulky bunch of sewn in ends in one place.

Round 2. [With wrong side facing, pick up and purl 7 sts along the side edge of one of the recs of round 1, turn. *K7, turn. P6, slip 1, yo, p1, pass yo and sl st over, turn.* Repeat from * -- * until all sts from first row rec are “devoured”. Do not turn.] Repeat [ -- ] around sock.

Round 3. [ With right side facing, pick up and knit 7 sts from side of rec in rnd 2, turn. P2tog, p5, thus reducing # of sts to 6, [we are getting smaller here]* turn, k5, sl1, yo, k1, pass yo and sl st over, turn, p6, turn , K 5, sl1, yo, k1, pass yo and slip st over.* Repeat * -- *, until all sts of from first previous row rec are devoured.] Repeat [ -- ] around sock. 

Round 4. Work as round 2, but picking up 6 sts instead of 7.

Round 5. As round 3, but picking up 6 sts and reducing to 5 on first row.

Round 6. As round 4, but working with 5 sts instead of 6.

This ends the entrelac part of the sock. You can see how reducing the size of the recs has shaped the leg. In the next lesson, (in a couple of days) I will show you how to escape to regular knitting without those pesky finishing triangles.

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