The patterns here are all original patterns, some created by our very own Socknitter
 members and some by other knitters. They are here for you to use and enjoy, 
but please remember to ask for permission from the author before posting to your 
web site or reproducing in any fashion. Thank you.

(Design Your Own Socks)

The patterns on this page were all created by our own Socknitter members. Here you will find socks for infants, children, men, women and Teddy bears. There are toe up socks, Aran socks, socks with fancy cuffs and tops, spiral tube socks with and without cables, and even an example of our Socknitters symbol. It isn't too late for you to have your original pattern posted here. Contact information on the page.

We're having a new DYOS late in 2003! If you'd like to participate, click here!

DYOS Patterns | DYOS 2003 Patterns!

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(Magical Mystery Socknitting Tour)

This was our first official Socknitter project. It came about when one of our members, Noel, decided it would be fun to knit a few of the sock patterns posted on the Internet that didn't have photos. The idea being that we would then post photos of these socks on our page for all the world to see. Almost 90 members eventually participated and although we didn't get photos from everyone, there are more than 50 photos here, all with links to their respective patterns.

MMST Photo Page

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Noel's Pattern Page

This is the one of the best pattern pages around. Noel has gathered together links to more than 100 sock patterns that reside on the Internet. What makes this page different is that all the patterns are categorized. They are sorted by yarn weight, size and gender of intended wearer, skill level of the knitter, style, construction type (two needle, toe up, etc.) and even special categories such as Christmas stockings, socks for charities, and vintage sock patterns. 

Noel's Sock Knitting Pages

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