Socknitter Mailing List Posting Rules

Socknitters is a list for anyone interested in knitting socks by hand. This is a place where we can share photos, ideas, tips, stories or just chat about the art of sock knitting. We now have well over 5,000 members so we ask for on topic discussion only please.

We want our group to have a sense of community and belonging that only comes when the list members get to know each other a little, help and support each other, work on causes together and treat each other in a respectful manner. This still means that our primary purpose is to discuss socks but getting a little peek into what is going on in each other's life makes us feel like we belong.

1. NO COPYRIGHT PROTECT MATERIAL MAY BE SENT TO THE LIST: The only exception would be if you are posting something for which *you* own the copyright. Copyright protected materials include anything published anywhere by anybody at anytime....well, not really quite that stringent but in addition to the obvious, it does include patterns and photos found even in very old books and magazines. If there is ever a question in your mind that what you want to send to the list is copyright protected, be safe, don't do it or ask first. Obviously this does *not* include things in the public domain such as the instructions for a particular kind of decrease or pattern stitch.

2. NO ADVERTISING: We do, however, allow the posting of shop names, telephone numbers and/or URLs. Vendors are asked to limit these things to a tag line under their signature. Further, we allow vendors and non-vendor members the opportunity to post ads to the list twice a month. For complete guidelines (which will be enforced) please click here: Ad rules  Please do not post any ads to the list without familiarizing yourself with these rules.

3. NO FLAMING: If you have a disagreement with someone, take it up with that person privately and see if you can *nicely* reach some sort of agreement without involving the entire list. A difference of opinion is not an open invitation for rudeness.

4. NO VIRUS WARNINGS MAY BE SENT TO THE LIST: This seems like a funny rule, but virus warnings sent to the list have caused many problems in the past. A lot of the virus warnings are hoaxes and repeatedly seeing the same phony warnings irritates people. And...there are some warnings that are actually dangerous...such as the one that tells people to delete a certain file from their machine to rid themselves of the virus (actually, a non-existent virus.) The mentioned file, however, is an integral part of the operating system and when deleted, the computer is rendered useless. Please send all virus warnings to the list mom ( and NOT to the list.

Disregard for any of the above rules may result in you being removed from the list.

5. REPEATEDLY POSTING OFF TOPIC MESSAGES TO THE LIST: We prefer to allow the free-flow of socknitting conversation but, out of respect for the members of the list, we ask that members stick to their socknitting. If you stray too far from out list purpose a list moderator will privately contact members who post inappropriate material. If we have to ask you repeatedly to respect the list rules, or you become rude (we won't be, we ask that you aren't either) we will moderate your messages. This means that a list moderator will review your post prior to it being sent to the list. If your post contains inappropriate material, it will be returned to you.


The following are not rules, merely suggestions for better posting.

1. Remember that hitting "reply" on our list will send the reply to the list *not* the sender, so you might want to review your messages before they are sent to make sure you are not sending something personal, and potentially embarrassing, to the list.

2. Please do not include the entire message or an entire digest when you reply to a message. Don't keep every single word ever written on a particular subject in your posts to the list. Keep only enough of the previous message so that it is apparent what you're responding to and trash the rest. This is especially true for those of you on digest mode. Try to remember not to quote the entire digest and send it to the list. Other members hate that.

3. Please keep in mind that some of our members are experienced computer users and/or mail listers and some are beginners. So, if some personal messages do get through to the list, or someone does accidentally quote the entire digest in their post, please be tolerant. And please don't assume just because something bothers you that it bothers the other 1400+ members as well.

Repeated disregard of these suggestions will bring embarrassment and a 'nudge' email from other members reminding you how to reply to the sender or get rid of all that extra stuff in your posts.

Happy Socking!