Socknitter Advertising Posting Rules

Email Group Ad Rules

Forum Ad Rules

Email Group Ad Rules
revised 5/12/06

As of 5/16/2006 advertisements are no longer permitted on the socknitter's list. Thank you for your past participation.

Vendors may still include a very brief message about their new items or specials in their 4-5 line signature line. Please do not forget that we are an on-topic only list. Every message is expected to have relevant socknitting discussion.



Our goal on socknitters is to encourage the sharing of information about socknitting. We want to encourage vendors to post about their socknitting experiences too but they are sometimes a tough position...walking the line between sharing their knitting expertise and advertising their products...The unintended result is that this has limited some vendor's participation in the list activities.

We also have list members who have knitting 'stash' items for sale...some of our members don't have a place on the web to post their ads. Some of these items are on list of ad items which are no longer permitted on Ad Days.

We have now opened the socknitter forum to vendors and list members to post their specials and stash sales at any time during the month.

To help you communicate your sale items to socknitter members, you can include a direct link to your forum advertisement in your 4-5 line signature line.

Forum ad rules are:

* The forum ads are for any knitting related items

* Your signature line cannot be more than 4-5 lines

* Your message MUST include valid socknitting content

ADS in the forum will appear a maximum of 30 days before they are automatically deleted. Please delete your for sale items if they are sold before the 30 day period is up.

You can find the Socknitter Advertisement forum here

Our goal is to continue socknitters as a non-commercial group dedicated to the discussion of hand knit socks. We believe these rules will help us to focus on this goal and will simplify the rules.


Please follow these rules to be allowed to continue posting ads to the list. If you have questions or need assistance please contact