Our 1st International Socknitters Day!
(If you participated and took pictures, please share them with us!)



This photo is of four members of the DeKalb area knitter's guild knitting socks on Saturday, June 21, at an outdoor table at Borders in DeKalb, Illinois. There were more members earlier on, but we forgot to take photos until just as we were ready to leave. One member brought some sample CIC socks; another brought her handspun, Kool-Aid-space-dyed yarn and proceeded to knit a pair of socks with it; and others brought their socks-in-progress. We all had a wonderful time.

Attached is a photo from the Milwaukee contingent today. On the left is Dianna Steinbach, and she took this opportunity to teach crocheter Kate Ostruszka how to knit. We had handouts for Socknitters, Children In Common, and Socks For Soldiers handy. Note the circled "Socknitters" URL on the table, for passersby too shy to ask what we were up to.

We got to educate a bunch of kids that handwork is still alive and well... they were very curious about the socks I was knitting from bison down, musk ox fiber, and Navajo-Churro sheep wool, and they learned what a nostepinde was for, too.

Thanks for the opportunity - we all kept saying what a fun way this was to spend an afternoon. Our husbands, however, refused to sit with us as they were too embarrassed to meet other sock knitters!

We would have had a better turnout if this street AND this Starbucks were not undergoing construction! Next year I will hold this in a more central location and will start promoting further in advance so that more people can attend. This is a big weekend in Milwaukee, with Polish Fest and the Lakefront Festival of the Arts going on... maybe next year I will piggyback on those, and set up my umbrella and socks down at the lakefront instead!

Stasia in WI

The North Alabama Knitters celebrated ISD today at Barnes & Noble in Huntsville, Alabama. NAK is really a misnomer...Marie and Peggy drove an hour and a half from Tennessee and Ruth drove over an hour to celebrate with us!

I can only speak for myself but I had a WONDERFUL time admiring everyone's knitting.