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Most of the socks shown on these pages were hand knit by members of the Socknitters Mailing List--a list for anyone interested in knitting socks by hand. This is a place where we share ideas, tips, patterns, stories or just chat about the art of sock knitting. To subscribe, click on the socknitting ladies below and follow the directions. But remember, you don't have to join the Socknitter's List to show us your socks. We love all sock photos.

Let's go!

     This is Evelyn's Noro Kureyon sock and a gorgeous one it is. Check
       out that cabling in the top and those colors...oh those colors! Thanks
     Evelyn, for sharing your socks with all of us.

Margot sends us this photo of her outstanding Roy G. Biv/Vib G. Yob socks. For those of you not familiar with Roy G. Biv stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. You can see that Margot reversed the order of the rainbow colors on the second sock. Thanks, Margot! 

This is Joanna's Bavarian style sock and it is too cute! This pattern is free on Joanna's website at: These are terrific socks and we thank Joanna for the photo and the free pattern!      

This is Reba's version of the Judy Sumner's Aran Sock. Reba made these socks from Wool Ease (worsted weight) in "wood" color on US #5 Crystal Palace 7" DPNs.  Reba says "...modifications to Judy's pattern by Penny  Pennington and me. Penny's modifications had the cable and moss stitch pattern running down the instep and my modification was the toe that ended up with only 8 sts total to graft together, that I found in the Schachenmayr Inspiration #40 booklet general instructions." Great looking socks!

      Becky says making our sock symbol was "instant gratification" which
      is good because she ended up having to make another after giving 
      this one to a favorite waitress at Ryan's who wears it on her apron 
      every day. Becky made this one from fingering weight yarn on size 0

Show Us Your Socks!

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