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You're Putting Me On

Here is the long awaited and much talked about "You're Putting Me On Toe-up" sock by Judy Gibson. It was knit for the MMST by Betsy. She says this was the first pair of socks she ever completed. Betsy also says the pattern would have allowed her to do anything she wanted to do with the sock top and cuff but since she was inexperienced, she kept it simple using Denim Woolease, #5 dpn's, and K2 P2 ribbing. Betsy reports being happy with the finished product. URL for this sock pattern is: putsocks.txt

Joans Sock

Joan's sock, adapted for the large calf, was knit for the MMST by Chirs. She used handspun 50/50 white shetland wool and mohair on size 5 dpn's. She says the pattern was easy and the sock much fun to knit. She also tells me that this is a large sock reaching almost to the knee and fitting wonderfully. The toe is done in the "star" design. What a lovely knee sock!

Judi's MMST

Judi knit this Cheery Christmas stocking for the MMST. She says the final dimensions are 9 1/2 inches across (that's 19 inches around!) and 18 + inches long from top to end of toe. She used number 7 circular needles and red heart sprinkles... most of a 6-oz. skein. The URL for this patter can be found here:

Elissa's MMST Sock

Elissa knit the very kewl Quick Knit Socks for the MMST. She used Woolease in size #8 dpn's. She says she cast on 38 stitches *not* 30 and says to check your leg for proper gauge before knitting. This sock can be knit in the round as is sock A or on two needles as is sock B.
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