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Gwyn's MMST sock

Here we have the "Holey" sock, which was knit for the MMST by Gwyn. She used Lion Brand 'Imagine' on size #3 bamboo needles. This yarn is a blend of mohair and acrylic, which makes a terrific looking sock. It is much softer and way more 'fluffy' than it appears in the scan. The gauge for this sock is 6 sts to 1 inch.

Denise's MMST socks

This is Denise's version of Paul's Seven Socks created by Linda Shoup. These were made with Plymouth Galway yarn on size 5 needles. Denise said she found minor errors in the pattern that weren't a problem for her but she said they could have been for a brand new socknitter.

Rosy's Guy Socks

These are Rosy's MMST Socks knitted for a Guy by Arthur Stanley of Ireland. Rosy used her own handspun sock yarn which is a 3 ply (one ply mohair blended with ecospun, one ply merino, and one ply romney/perendale blend) on size 3 needles. She says she "mostly followed the pattern exactly" and will probably dye them after she gets the second one finished. The URL is:

Suzanne's knee high Socks

This is Suzanne's contribution to the MMST--Ann's Knee High Socks by Ann Ackerman. Suzanne made these great looking socks on size 3 needles with Stahlsche Wolle Limbo Superwash wool. She says the socks fit well with only a minor adjustment of the length of the calf, but adds you might have to add width to the calf as well, if your legs are heavier than average. The URL is:

Marie's Two-needle Socks

Marie Greene knitted these nifty two needle socks by Staceyjoy Elkin for the MMST. She used a heather green WoolEase on size 4 and 6 dpns. Marie says the pattern is fast and easy and works well for those times when you're desperate to knit socks and are missing a few dpns. Also, she says, if you use a flat seam, it will be very difficult to tell the socks are not knitted in the round. The URL is:

Caroline's MMST Sock

Caroline knit this lovely 'LACY SOCK IN WORSTED-WEIGHT WOOL' for the MMST. She used #3 DPNs and Oxford Gray WoolEase. Caroline says the pattern is easy to follow but might not be the best sock for a 'first sock' or for a person who doesn't want to pay attention. She also commented that this sock knits up very narrow. The URL for this pattern is:
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