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Jocelyn's MMST sock

This lovely sock is Jocelyn's contribution to the MMST. She knit the 'Simple Toe-Up Socks' by Kim Salazar using number 5 dpn's and Woolease in a shade called 'Autumn'. She added the rib on the top of the foot starting after the toe-increases. Kim suggests starting the rib for the cuff a couple rows after the short row heel. As for the short row heel, Jocelyn says she slipped all the wrapped stitches, and added that these are the only changes she made. She used a figure 8 cast-on, which she says was very simple, and declares the pattern very well written and easy to follow for a first-time-toe-up-socker.

Celeste's MMST Slugsock

Celeste's contribution to the MMST is Chris Cuthberston's Slug Sock (with original turned heel). She chose Brown Sheep Company's Lamb's Pride Superwash bulky and used size 4.5 mm dpn. Celeste says the Slug Socks were only her second pair of hand knit socks so she would reccommend them for a newbie socknitters.

Dawn's 3rd MMST sock

Dawn's 3rd and final MMST sock is this cute little 'Red and White sock'. She chose two strands of Woolease, one cranberry and one white frost. The white one is fuzzy. She used #4 US clover bamboo dp's though her pattern called for #3's. Dawn says this is one thick sock but it fits her size 8 foot. She added that working with two strands of worsted weight on #4's was tough on her hands but the pattern was easy and quick and the sock was knit in one day. Pattern designer is Linda Shoup. URL is:

Margaret's MMST

Margaret's MMST pattern was the "Pure Vanilla Sock" by Laura Marple. She followed the pattern directions and cast on 72 sts, knitting them on #1 needles using 2 strands of Flere Troder Microthin yarn in navy blue and medium blue. She used #0 needles for the heel. The pattern made big socks suitable, she says, for her uncle. The k2p2 top of the sock will stretch nicely for him. She used the kitchener stitch for finishing the toe.
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