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Kathie's RIBBERS

Kathie knit the RIBBERS by Joan Hamer for the MMST. She used Fluff DK size 4 dp needles and says the pattern was very easy to follow. She says these socks are super comfortable, so much so that her DS accidentally took them home with her. Great sock knitting Kathie. You can find the pattern here:

Lisa's Felted Bootie

This fabulous Felted bootie is Lisa's contribution to the MMST. It was knit on size 11dpn's with Cascade Pastaza. Lisa says this stuff felts beautifully. She also says the pattern was really fast and easy and they felted the first time through the washer. She used hot rather than warm water and skipped the dryer. Lisa says when felting booties, it helps to let them dry on something that will shape them even if it takes some tugging. The URL for the felted booties can be found here:

Nannette's MMST Sock

Nannette's MMST sock. Another Joan's Socks by Joan Fembach These very nice socks were made with Rose Heather WoolEase on 3.75mm (US size 5) 12 inch circs. The pattern gave sizes for men, women and childern. This is a woman's size. Nannette said she had to shorten the foot of the sock about 1/2 and now it doesn't fit her, but it will fit her mother. The URL is:

Links of Lace Socks

Here we have the fabulous 'Links of Lace' sock by Nancy McFarlane. It was knit for the MMST by Valerie who says this pattern was fast, easy, and fun. The socks were made using Woolease on #5 needles. The pattern can be found here:

Smocked Socks

Our newest MMST photo came from Linda E. She knit this terrific 'Smocked Sock' using Lion Brand Woolease. The color is called 'natural heather'. She used size 4 Brittany dpns and says the smocked pattern cuff was easy once she reminded herself to stagger the pattern. URL is here:

Newborn socks

Anna in Helsinki knit these 'Newborn Socks'. She used 100% alpaca yarn manufactured by Michell Cia.S.A. Perz called 'Indiecita'. There are approximately 180 yards in a 50g. skein. She used two strands of yarn with number 4 mm (US 6) dp needles. The gauge was 5.5 stitches per inch. She guesses the pair took about 30 grams or one ounce of yarn. Aren't they cute! URL for pattern is:

Revised Martha's Slouch Sock

Knit by Karen S. for the MMST is Martha's Simi-Slouch Sock. Karen says she used acrylic worsted weight she pulled from her stash. The pale blue fiber in the stripe and on the heel is cotton and believe it or not, that pink stripe is actually medium gray. Karen used dpn's in size 4, 5, and 6. Super knitting Karen!

Fixette's MMST sock

The Seabury Sock was knitted for the MMST by Fixette. Beautiful socknitting Fixette! More info to come. We do know that she used stash yarn and that Mary Ann Croisant designed this pattern. You can find the pattern at:

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