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Sandy's Super Quick Baby Socks

Snady's adorable Super Quick Baby Socks were knit with Plymouth Encore colorspun, which is worsted weight yarn, in color #7033. She says they were very quick and easy. She changed the pattern a bit on the heel flap: She couldn't start with WR as incicated in pattern so she used "next row" as row 1. The URL is:

Sandy's Lacy Cuff for Basic Socks

This is Sandy's second MMST sock. It' was knit with Pymouth Wildflower DK color #49 on size #5 neesles. She used K3, P2 for the ribbing and did the lacy pattern 4 times including 3 sts on the last round to make 48 sts. She then proceeed with her own design for Basic Socks. She says this pattern is very qick and easy to knit. I say it's lovely as well!

Dawn's Baby Socks

These cute little socks are Dawn's MMST projects. The one on the left is the First Sock by Sylvia and the one on the right is Lee's Newborn sock, designed by Lee. Sorry we don't know either last name. She used a standard baby yarn - like Jamie but says hers was from a mill end bag. She used #3 us straight needle for Lee's infant socks and #2 dpn's for the First socks. The URL for the newborn sock is:

Treena's cable socks
Treena's contribution to the MMST: She did this spiffy Cabled sock designed by 'JP'. Says she doesn't know her full name, but says 'JP' was nice enough to email after seeing her question regarding the pattern. Treena's only change to the pattern was shortening the length of the sock leg from 7 repeats of the cable pattern to 4, since she likes a shorter sock. She used just under two 50-gram skeins of Emu Superwash Aran wool and sizes #3 and #5 dpns. The pattern can be found at:

Baba's Bed Socks'

Maggie says the pattern for 'Baba's Bed Socks' is extremely well written and is an excellent choice for beginning sockers as it is quite simple, (no wrapped stitches or grafting), These socks knit up quickly on size 8 needles. She used one strand of worsted weight wool with one strand of fingering weight to achieve a gauge of 4 sts per inch. As written the pattern produces a medium size slipper. This pattern by Michele Bernstein can be found at:

Dawn's MMST sock

Dawn knit 'Joan's Socks for Little Ones ' for the MMST. She used Woolease 'Navy Sprinkles' on size 5 needles for the body and size 3 for the cuff. She says they were knit exactly by the pattern and should fit a child 4 years old without a problem. These are a bit small for her son who is six but has small feet. She notes the foot could easily be lengthened and says they were quick and easy to knit. She added that her son is very excited to be the lucky recipient of these little socks!

Lela's Baby Ellen Socks

Lela's Baby Ellen Socks made from a pattern by Yarn Expressions - Lela used Lanett Superwash--a baby weight yarn from Norway--on size 1 and two Skacel needles for these socks. She said the yarn shop owner was so excited about her making these socks and putting the picture on the Internet that she gave her the ball of yarn! The URL for this pattern is:

 Teri's MMST socks

Here is a photo of Teri's MMST socks "Toe Up Socks That Fit Well Enough" by Manny Olds. They are made with Brown Sheep's Top of the Lamb (wool/mohair single ply worsted weight) on #2 dps with a gauge of 6 sts=1"

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